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  • Exchange Architecture help Please

    Hi everyone,

    i need help please with exchange installation planning ;

    what is the best way of installing 4 exchange servers for 11000 mailboxes, in a way that it will be installed in a cluster for god tolerance and with a good security.

    can i put two frontal servers in a cluster or just one frontal and the other 3 to put in a cluster as mailbox servers ?

    thanks for the advice, have a good summer...

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    Re: Exchange Architecture help Please

    Recommendation for FE:BE= 1:8

    Its always goot to have 2 FE under NLB for fault tolerance. Regarding your number of BE servers, you need to consider users mailbox sizes as well.

    Why dont you go for exchange 2007?
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      Re: Exchange Architecture help Please

      Best thing to do? Hire a consultant.

      Planning a site for 11,000 users is not really something that could be done through a forum. TO design something like that, I would be on site two or three days just doing the design. With all due respect, no one is going to give you 2000 or more of consultancy for free.

      That is a major site, and it needs to be treated with care. If you want high availability then you are looking at clustering. If you insist on sticking with Exchange 2003 then you are looking at multiple servers. 4 isn't really enough.

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