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Modify Existing Client Settings

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  • Modify Existing Client Settings

    Hello all...I'd like to push out several settings changes for our existing Outlook clients (XP, 2003) that include Archive Settings, Mail Format, etc. Trying to get a handle on things and create some standardization that we've been lacking for some time.

    I've created the PRF file from the ORK and the GPO that'll make this happen on a new install but I'm wondering what the best way would be to modify all the existing installs (350+). Would I just simply enable the GPO and then set the PRF file to run via login script?


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    Re: Modify Existing Client Settings

    Depending on the types of settings, you can set many of them through your GPO if you have the Office ADM templates installed. Archive settings and mail format are just two of the settings that can be set via GPO.


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      Re: Modify Existing Client Settings

      I found most of the settings that we want to change and that's working great. But, the one setting that can't be done with the GPO is the Default Folder Setting for Archiving". Only place I can find to modify that easily is with the PRF. This is fine for profiles that haven't been setup yet, but we've got a couple hundred users with exising profiles.