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    Hello to everyone!

    I am trying to send e-mail to any address using Exchange 2003 SP1, and it just sits in the queue because AOL is rejecting it. I have narrowed down the problem down to a possible PTR record issue (their spam software requires it), because my domain is not what is listed in the PTR. I use as an ISP, and a reverse DNS lookup on my IP gives a "" answer, not my domain.

    -- My IP does have a PTR record, but does that record have to match my domain name to not be rejected by AOL's servers?

    -- If so, what do I need to change or whom do I have to talk to get the PTR record changed to reflect my domain name?

    I was using a my previous ISP's SMTP server as a smart host and I was able to set up an SMTP connector to route mail through the smart host, but my current ISP only uses web-based e-mail, and does not give me an SMTP server to relay through. Any thoughts?

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    You need to speak with yours ISP and to ask him that he has created PTR record in a reserve zone on the dns servers your IP your FQDN.