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  • Checking age of idle messages...

    We have a strict 15 minute SLA with a select client. Meaning, we are required to respond to the client within 15 minutes of receiving an email.

    Is there a way we can monitor this email account and check how long the message has been sitting there, without being read, and alert another email address / phone / pager that an email is about to break the SLA due to being unread?

    Thank you VERY much in advance if you can help me resolve this issue.

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    Re: Checking age of idle messages...

    sounds like you need a customer relationship manager program, or incident/issue management program.

    I can highly recommend Issueview in this regard for managing customer issues - we use it extensively, and it can definitely integrate with both inbound and outbound emails. The developer has told me that the new version that's coming out soon also has email timers - so if a job isn't actioned within a given SLA time, then it can be elevated according to business logic rules.

    (sorry, I know, not quite what you wanted...but I can't tihnk of any way to do this.. maybe with some sort of Rule/Alert.. but I don't know if you can put timers on them...)
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