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Cannot POP3, can IMAP exchange 2003

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  • Cannot POP3, can IMAP exchange 2003

    Hey folks,

    Exchange 2003 on Server 2003.

    I have a lead manager script (ASP) that needs to connect to the email server, download the emails and store into text files. Prior to moving to exchange the script worked great. Once the Admin moved to exchange some tweaking for authentication was needed but it also worked just fine.

    Then the server would need the POP3 virtual server reset when it would hang, then a reboot. Now the script will not connect via pop3 anymore. Attempts to connect via thunderbird on port 110 or a website like mail2web are also unsuccessful (thunderbird just sits there saying connecting). If I activate IMAP it will connect on imap protocol no problem.

    Trying to telnet to the server results with a connection - but no prompts for anything further - and it will just sit there until I close it. No username prompts no command prompts - just sits there. Port 110 is open on the firewall, and I've tried connecting from inside the lan as well.

    Just at a loss as to what to try next, anybody have any ideas? or do you think it's a borked installation?

    Thank you very much.