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Problem recieving emails from Taiwan

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  • Problem recieving emails from Taiwan

    I have exchange 2000 and SpamD unix based spam filter, we have partner company in Taiwan who have started to send us regular emails,

    Problem is that some emails arrives here no problem but some emails are not coming through, when they Cc to hotmail address it does come through and on yahoo it is ending up in spam folder,

    I have allowed the domain from Taiwan on Spamd spam filter and i don't think it is blocking it,

    do you think it may be a problem of "maximum hop count"?

    I have asked thier IT guy to increase the hop count number,

    Can someone help me with exch2000, how do I find what emails are coming to my exchange server from that domain in Taiwan? is there any log files?

    Users in Taiwan got this bounced message which is in chinese translates to "It's not sent out. Microsoft Exchange will try to send over and over till Jun.11 PM05:00 and inform you if it's still failed to send."

    Please help me fix this issue.

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    Re: Problem recieving emails from Taiwan

    anybody have any ideas? please.


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      Re: Problem recieving emails from Taiwan

      Originally posted by Yantra View Post
      anybody have any ideas? please.
      33 posts and you should know better than to bump your request.
      Sorry, no-one answered for 7 hours. Absolutely disgusting quality of service these days

      Everyone here is a volunteer and gives up their free time to help. If you want a speedy response, phone Microsoft (or SpamD) and PAY for support.

      What we really need is the full text of the message after the TW server has given up trying. This will indicate where the message got to and exactly what blocked it.
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        Re: Problem recieving emails from Taiwan

        it's possible that spamd is using a RBL or SBL or whatever that's blocking that domain ?

        although that doesnt sound logical, since some emails get through.

        why not set your spamd box and your exchange box to specifically accept email fro mthose domains without filtering it ?

        IIRC, I can do that with Scanmail..
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          Re: Problem recieving emails from Taiwan

          I think you should find on the Exchange log file. There is a lot of information on log file. Otherwise, maybe you should turn off Spam filter in a minute, sending email to check could you receive email.

          That's is my opinion. Hope it help.


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            Re: Problem recieving emails from Taiwan

            Where would i Find the exchange logs for all the incoming emails?


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              Re: Problem recieving emails from Taiwan

              For exchange 2003, you can find log file at:

              C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\EDGE-BDC.log ( It is default location )

              For IIS Log file,

              You can find location at default virtual SMTP Server ( for me, I put in D drive )

              Hope it help.