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Public System Folder replication between Exchange 2000 to 2003

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  • Public System Folder replication between Exchange 2000 to 2003


    Right now I am in the process of migrating an Exchange 2000 server to a new hardware Exchange 2003 box. I am trying to sync the OAB and Scheduler Free/Busy data between the two so I can move mailboxes without any errors.

    I have given this replication weeks to occur since I have read that replication between 2000 and 2003 can be painfully long. Eventually through troubleshooting I found out the [email protected] emails that run between the two servers to replicate the public folders are not reaching from the 2000 server to the 2003 server.

    I used the following article to find my proxy addresses for the machines. It has them listed with both addresses for my internal windows domain and my external .com domain.

    Server2000 has a smarthost/email service called CSI. They handle all Incoming and Outgoing email. The incoming mail is filtered and scanned by CSI and then pushed to my Exchange server. When using message tracking I find my replication messages originating from Server2000 using the .COM address as the sending address. Hop 2 goes to my smarthost where they get lost in limbo because Server2003 doesn't have an active directory box of [email protected]. They say they have over 7000 messages that have been dropped because they weren't delivered.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get replication to occur and not leave the network? I didn't know if i could remove the .COM addresses from ProxyAddress using the article above and that would fix the issue.

    Please Help!