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office 2007 and exchange 2003

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  • office 2007 and exchange 2003

    we have installed off 07 sp2 on all the desktops with server 2003 sp2

    Now my exchange 2003 server is running like crap.. the cpu and ram are not high on the server. it bumps up to 85% cpu but nothing like pegging...

    Outlook is sooooooooooooooo slow hangs when searching and hangs every now and again.. WE put SP2 for office with little results.

    any suggestions would be helpful.

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    Re: office 2007 and exchange 2003

    Are you in cached mode?
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      Re: office 2007 and exchange 2003

      no... we are using direct mapi mode.. Our archiving software requires it.. I am concerned that i am hitting too many mapi sessions as we also use BES with 60 users


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        Re: office 2007 and exchange 2003

        Your archiving software requires direct mode? Are you sure about that? I am not aware of any archiving product that makes that requirement. Which one is it? I will need to put it on the list of products not to use.

        What is using the processor? Exchange 2003 isn't really processor heavy, but it is storage heavy.

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          Re: office 2007 and exchange 2003

          You also haven't described much about your setup.
          Is the BES software installed on the same machine, have you tried running something like perfmon, DC's access info, hardware specs, etc. Basic questions that should have answers provided in the first post. Can you update please.

          I've used EAS, EV and GFI and none require cached mode being disabled.

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            Re: office 2007 and exchange 2003

            We use emc email extender and i has issues with cache mode...

            it is a HP proliant 380 G3 With 2 process ors and 3gp of ram.

            I have down loaded the exchage user perfmon. dont know what i am doing so i can say it works. we mostly have xp sp3 desktops with IE8 and 2gb of ram..


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              Re: office 2007 and exchange 2003

              When you say the proc usages 'bumps' up to 85% is it a regular occurrence?

              What process is using the 85%?


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                Re: office 2007 and exchange 2003

                Just realised this is the same thread as you posted last week and you still haven't answered the questions asked in that one.



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                  Re: office 2007 and exchange 2003

                  the cpu spikes but there is nothing that takes up that process for long. we only have 125 users. mostly store .exe and we have 4 info stores. mostly with users under 2gb


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                    Re: office 2007 and exchange 2003

                    i am going to to a best practices analyizer and upload the results.