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Exchange and SIS with attachments

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  • Exchange and SIS with attachments

    Hi guys,

    I'm in discussions with guys where we work. We run Domino/Lotus Notes 8.2 (toilet) we ar elooking ot move to exchange

    Anyhow Lotus guys are raving about single attachment storage. So an attachment sent to multiple people is only stored once on the server, not in every e-mail.

    Surely this was available in Exchange a while ago was it not? I thought back in Exc 2003!!! reading up on the net and reading about SIS but that seems to be the e-mails itself on the same database, only keeping one copy.

    But what about the attachments??

    Cheers guys

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    Re: Exchange and SIS with attachments

    Exchange has a feature called Single Instance Storage. When a email is created by usera that includes an attachment, Usera sends this email to userb, userc, userd. In the Exchange database, this message and attachment only exists once. All the recipients have pointers to the message and attachment. When the last user deletes the message then the message will be deleted from the database.
    However when Exchange calculates mailbox usages for each user, It looks like each mailbox has a copy of the message and attachments.
    This only applies to a single Exchange with a single information store.


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      Re: Exchange and SIS with attachments

      Single Instance Storage applies to a lot more than that and has been around for a long time!

      Please read this before you post:

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