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  • Same address different company

    We are 3 small companies.
    We have our own Active Directory.
    But one company bought us so we can keep our own structure and own e-mail address but at least we need to be able to use a same e-mail address for our new customer.
    It could be usefull also to share the address book of the different companies.
    WHAT IS the way to do it?
    Thank you.
    It is my first post on this site and thank you very much for any of you advice.

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    Re: Same address different company

    Do you require that everyone in both companies sends as the new companies email address or are you happy just to be able to receive with one of their addresses but send as your own still?

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    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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      Re: Same address different company

      Thank you.
      I would like to be able to receive and send with a new address.
      To send I can change my recipient policy and make the new address as the smtp principal address. I can also give my smtp as one of the MX record.
      But, I don't know how to do to distribuate to the different location.
      I don't know how to set the different smtp to dispatch the mail to the different location.
      Thank you


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        Re: Same address different company

        This is worth reviewing.