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  • OWA SSL Certificate

    Hi Everyone,

    I've recently reinstalled my Enterprise CA on my Exchange 2003 server.
    I had to reinstall it because my public folders would not work because the common name on the CA was the and I had to change it to in order for the Public folder to replicate properly and to be able to view the system folders in ESM. I was getting an error that the certificate name does not match the server name.
    After uninstalling and reinstalling the certificate and updating the IIS default website with the new certificate I am unable to view OWA after I sign in successfully. I've tried with a test user account and I get the same thing. I checked all the virtual directories of Exchange and they all have the same security setting for SSL and the same Certificate installed. I've restarted IIS (iisreset) and HTTP SSL service.

    I get a: HTTP Error 404 - File or directory not found.
    Internet Information Services (IIS)

    Please help. Thanks.
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    Re: OWA SSL Certificate

    http 104 error is very common error; try OWA first without SSL and see the result........then try with thirld party SSL (rapid SSL, its not expensive)


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      Re: OWA SSL Certificate

      GoDaddy is another well recommended source here and yes, Exchange OWA works far better with commercial certificates than going down the "grow your own" route

      Pushkar, do you mean 404 error, not 104?
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        Re: OWA SSL Certificate

        The IIS6.0 resource kit contains a small CLI based utility called Self SSL. This allows you to create a SSL certificate and attach it to the directory in question fairly similar to how you do it with IIS7 at no additional cost. This is also an option rather than building your own CA just for that purpose. This is also an option if cost is an issue. By default though the certificate wont be trusted until its installed in the local CA store on the said device.


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          Re: OWA SSL Certificate

          Thanks for the reply Guys!

          I tried using the SelfSSL in IIS Resource Kit but with no avail. I don't have the time to troubleshoot this one. Unfortunately, I will do something drastic in this case and delete the DS2MB in metabase explorer and reinstall Exchange 2003 with SP2.

          I tried to delete the Default Website and DS2MB and restart Exchange SA service with no avail. I even tried to uninstall and reinstall the IIS application....

          I don't think this problem has anything to do with me changing the certificate. I may have noticed the issue after the change but I'm not sure if it already existed.

          Thanks for all your efforts and prompt replies. Wish me luck This better work.


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            Re: OWA SSL Certificate


            The reinstall of Exchange Server 2003 after deleting the IIS DS2MB metabase has resolved my issue. I guess it wasn't a Certificate error after all. I haven't tested OWA with the new Cert. externally yet. I hope I won't have further problems. My boss is going on a business trip and she relies on OWA and doesn't like to use her VPN (slower process).
            She uses her BB to access OWA also. Thanks again to everyone who assisted.