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Mailbox store Logons not clearing

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  • Mailbox store Logons not clearing


    I have an issue that I cannot resolve. Recently some of our users have been unable to connect via outlook. When investigating we noticed they have exceeded 32 connections. We got around this by allowing these users 'view information store' priveledges.

    Looking at the logons most users have a lot of old logons (up to two months old) with client type HTTP. All outlook client type sessions are current. We use ActiveSync on their mobiles so can only assume this is the HTTP client sessions.

    I would like to set it up so that these sessions age out properly. Most of these were last accessed the same day as the logon time (again up to 2 months) so surely they should have aged out by now?

    Has anyone else had this and found a work around?

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    Re: Mailbox store Logons not clearing

    I have had this problem with users who were on a wireless connection which was dropping in and out frequently, this caused them to exceed the 32 connection limit. You can increase the mapi connection limit through a registry change but I would check to see what client the affected users have.It maybe that an old mapi client is causing the problem.
    I use tcpview to kill the sessions.


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      Re: Mailbox store Logons not clearing

      Is this set as well maybe?

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        Re: Mailbox store Logons not clearing

        Most of the 32 maximum login problems I have seen are resolved by ensuring the network card drivers are up to date. If they are not dated 2008 or later then they need updating.

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