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Auto Disk Defrag and guest user dial up permissions

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  • Auto Disk Defrag and guest user dial up permissions


    I have some problems to manage my domain users How can I, Please help in following,,,

    1. Give, Access to my Guest account to dial up my internet connection in Win XP,,,

    2. I don't want let my Guest User to visit un-wanted sites, how can I stop it...

    3. I want that my Guest User should not clear history

    4. How to Reduce Space of Windows XP Installation (Professional & Enterprise Edition)....

    5. I want that I should configure/schedule my server to launch Disk Defrag & ScanDisk Thorough at my users' computers automatically )....

    Please Help ,,, really a great problem to run 500 computers manually disk defrag and scandisk etc....


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    I'll answer question 5 as you seem to need the answer to this one in a higher priority.

    Have a look at the scripting options available for Scandisk. A full article can be found here:,107861,00.asp

    Once you understand the switch options you probably want to turn it into a batch file and schedule it through the windows schedule service.

    The other four questions presume a lot of assumed knowledge, so I'm not sure where to start.


    Mr Caps....