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Mailbox User's Receiving Limits Not Working

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  • Mailbox User's Receiving Limits Not Working

    Hi we are running a new Exchange 2003 server (upgrade by Swing migration)
    The last exchange server also had an issue where large emails (over 6mb) could not be sent to the internal recipients. The external sender would get an NDR stating This message is larger than the current system limit or the recipient's mailbox is full. Create a shorter message body or remove attachments and try sending it again.

    The Global Settings / Message Delivery have been set to 25,000 KB Maximum
    The Receiving message size has been set to 10,240 KB Maximum

    All other areas has been left as "defaults"
    Active Directory states "Use Default Limit"
    There are no settings applied to the SMTP connector or the Virtual SMTP server.
    There are no limints on the Mailbox Stores.

    I have tired forcing the users to have a receive limit in AD of 25,000KB but 8,000 KB messages are still rejected.

    The sending limit applies to the users successfully but, the receiving always fails.
    I have tried setting limits to the SMTP connector and also the SMTP virtual server but, it has not made any difference and the resulting NDR returns to the external sender.

    Any ideas of where / why this is happening?


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    Re: Mailbox User's Receiving Limits Not Working

    Check this article out ... maybe you've overlooked something: