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  • Monitoring mailbox and/or email

    Is it possible to check who reads certain mails from anyone's mailbox or who really logs on to someone's mailbox?

    I suspect someone from logging in into some people's mailbox en read their mail. More times I have seen in the System Administrator that the person was "last logged on by" on different mailboxes. But there are different ways that her name can show up at the "last logged on by" option.

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    Re: Monitoring mailbox and/or email

    The last logged on information should be ignored. There are so many legitimate reasons why someone else can appear in that list - calendar lookups for example.

    If you are concerned that people are looking at other's mailboxes, then ensure the permissions are correct. If they legitimately need the high permissions (which I can argue that NO Exchange administrator needs access to all mailboxes to do their job) then you will need to use logging to verify the access.

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