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exchange 2003 cluster migrate to vmware ESX

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  • exchange 2003 cluster migrate to vmware ESX

    Hi all,

    I am hoping that you all to help me out here.
    Currently environment:
    Current I have exchange 2003 cluster setup as active/passive node with a large disk partition out to 4 drives and assigned to cluster as the following resources: one for exchange database, second partition as share area, user home folder, and last partition is the quorum. All that is on a dell power vault SCSI disk.

    Migrate environment:
    2 esx host on the EMC cx300.

    I would like to migrate the exchange 2003 cluster over and use 4 new raw disks to replace the one on power vault. The first raw disk is for exchange database, second raw disk for share area, third raw disk for user home folder, and the last raw disk is for quorum.

    I can migrate the standalone server or any other server just fine but I have never try to migrate the cluster server before especially the exchange 2003 cluster. Can you please show me what need to happen and how to migrate them with the minimum downtime as possible.

    Thanks for all the help I can get...