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IMAP doesn't work for some users

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  • IMAP doesn't work for some users

    I have a couple users where I can't establish a connection to their account via IMAP. IMAP is an enabled protocol on their account but none the less I am unable to establish a connection via IMAP where as for other users it seems to work perfectly.

    I just checked for the same users I also can't use POP3.

    Does anybody have any ideas as to where to look now??? Thanks.

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    What error message(s) do you get ?

    Are the username and the alias the same on the accounts that do not work ?

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      All I get is "login to mailserver failed". User name and alias are different however. Changing the alias to match the user name makes it work. I would prefer to not change the alias however...

      Is there anyway to work around the issue or this is just the way it is for now???

      P.S. If I try using the alias name instead it also doesn't work (as one would expect).


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        I haven't heard of a way around this, but hopefully someone might have an post here !

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          That users have the same permissions?!
          What e-mail client you use? Outlook?
          The inbox o the user it's well configured on the user properties?
          Exchange Server ? w2k3, w2k?
          OS client? w2k? xp?
          MCSE w2k
          MCSA w2k - MCSA w2k MESSAGING
          MCDBA SQL2k


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            Yes users with the same permissions.

            I have tried with a variety of different Client's (remember I am trying to connect via IMAP). Really it is for a Treo but for ease of testing I have been using thunderbird.

            It is an Exchange 2000 server with all service packs installed.

            It would seem topper is dead on the money that if the alias and username are different it will fail. Seems like a stupid buglet but...