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  • SMTP Relay Options Exchange 2003


    My brain is failing me today, for some reason I can't get my head around the relay restrictions on the SMTP VS.

    There are Authentication settings, anonymous, basic etc and also a "Grant or deny submit permissions to specific users or groups".
    There is also the option of allowing relay based on IP, allow all computers to relay regardless and then another " "Grant or deny relay permissions to specific users or groups" (which holds the same list as the one above).

    As it stands my users cannot relay but can submit, certain IPs can relay.

    My question is, how does the "grant or .....users or groups" option work in regards to the anonymous list? By default auth users can submit according to the list however as this list doesn't include "anonymous" as such then does the tick for anonymous bypass this (work in addition)?
    If so, is there a way to allow an anonymous host to submit but not relay?

    does that all make sense?

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    Re: SMTP Relay Options Exchange 2003

    With Exchange, submit and relay are two different things.
    The submit settings are controlled by the permissions and the connection. If you have connection set to any IP address and anonymous permission set, then anything can send emails to your server. If you don't have those set then external systems cannot send email to your server.
    Exchange is using the Recipient Policy to control the email domains it accepts email for.

    For relaying, it doesn't matter what you set, as that has no effect on the ability to submit email, only for email to be relayed to a domain that Exchange isn't responsible for.

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