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    Hi Everyone

    I am looking for either some software or a way to manage people as a resource within public folder calendars or a mailbox calendar. Let me describe the scenario.....

    Lets say you have 5 users. You want to ensure that out of those 5 users, there are always a minimum of 2 users not out on appointments or off site. So, you set up a team calendar which the 5 users can see. Is there a way to manage an automated response to bounce back a mail when the 4th person tries to book their time out? (perhaps this could be done with autoaccept?)

    Whatever the solution, if possible I would like it to be integrated into Outlook 2007 & Exchange 2003, support recurring appointments (that might be assigned to no-one in particular), but recurring appointments should be considered as 1 of the resources being out (so really any more than 3 things in the diary at the same time should be considered as the user resource being overbooked)..and preferably, whatever the solution is hopefully it will be simple to use and understand e.g. as simple as inviting an attendee.

    I know there is erp & team management software out there, but most packages are a bit overwhelming (unless there is something that could be cut down simply to just this need), and from what I can see, most, if not all dont directly integrate into Exchange/outlook.

    Hope this post makes sense and I welcome any thoughts or solutions anyone has.



    P.S. if anyone has a way of making this work... but only with a user mailbox, rather than a public folder... does anyone know of any decent software to sync a user folder with a public folder... perhaps as an exchange sink?