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Save Attachments to network share from server

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  • Save Attachments to network share from server


    Is there an easy way to tell Exchange 2003 to save attachments to a network share? We don't want to have outlook open all the time to do this. this would be only PDFs sent from/to particular addresses.

    If we have to program it, can you describe the general steps?

    Thank you,

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    Re: Save Attachments to network share from server

    Hi Matt

    Depends on if you want to spend money or not...

    http:// www. office-outlook. com/outloo...ment-save.html

    http:// www. cypressnet. com/Products/a...ment_saver.htm

    Other than that, I have seen on the internet somewhere that there is a VB script you can use to do the same.. but I cant remember where I saw it... Google might be worth a hunt...

    A quick check on there turned this up..

    http:// www. pcreview. co. uk/forums/thread-1840109.php

    Perhaps you could customise it.



    P.S. Note you dont want outlook open.. It is possible to make direct MAPI calls in vbscript.. so I would be reasonably sure you could write a vbscript and schedule it to run every x mins on the server.. or perhaps to even pull mail down via pop3. That kind of programming is a bit out of my league though.. but Im sure from things Ive done like this in the past, there are plenty of examples on the internet where you could bolt something together.
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      Re: Save Attachments to network share from server

      ok. I appreciate the info. that is pretty much what i thought.