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DR optioni Exchange 2003

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  • DR optioni Exchange 2003


    I am running Exchange 2003 Sp2 on a A/p Cluster. I am hosting around 3000 mailbox on 15 Stores. All my vvip mailbox are on dedicated mailbox store. Recently i had a issue were my store.exe was getting terminated because of there lot of down time.

    What is best option to avoid such downtime for my vvip users. my database size for VVIP is around 40 GB, Total 60 user are there, no mailbox quota applied for this store. I take 1hr 30 Min to restore 50 gb using TSM.

    Any points would really help me.

    also is there a option for Site DR for exchange?

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    Re: DR optioni Exchange 2003

    Make sure the server is up to date with patches for both software and hardware. Run the ExBPA and also check the servers isn't under too heavy a load. At the end of the day with one cluster you only have one store.exe so if it crashes it takes everything.
    If you need to keep these up then you are looking at another cluster.
    How big are your mailboxes?

    We have 2 clusters and around 2500 mailboxes but each site is different. If you journal then, depending on amount of email, you can get much better performance by splitting this out too.

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