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Outlook meeting request problem

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  • Outlook meeting request problem

    I have a P.A. who looks after two Mangers, for arguments sake A and B

    P.A. has full permissions on both A and B's mailbox and the mailboxes mapped to her outlook and is a delagate on both mailboxes with editor permissions on everything.

    when someone sends a meeting request to A the P.A. receives an email to her inbox asking for confirmation of the meeting, then if the P.A. replys to the meeting request emails are automatically sent to both the sender of the meeting and Manager A.

    this is fine and what we want, as it saves any confusion.

    With manager B, both the P.A. and the manager B both receive metting request emails to their inbox but when the P.A. replys to the meeting request only one email is sent back to the meeting requester and no email is sent to manager B, meaning that sometimes both reply to the meeting request and the person who requested the meeting gets two emails which doesn't look good!

    we are runing windows server 2003 + exchange 2003

    manager A and P.A. both have xp sp3 + Office 2003

    Manger B has xp sp2 + office xp.

    I have checked all permissions and they are set the the same for the P.A. for both managers...

    what a pain this is....

    thanks for any help!