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Calender Sniffer not working in entourage 2008 (office mac 2008)

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  • Calender Sniffer not working in entourage 2008 (office mac 2008)


    I used to use outlook 2007 with exchange 2003 and I learnt that there is some process called calender sniffer, that blocks my calender tentatively when a meeting invite is sent to me even if i dont read that invite and even if my outlook is closed. It used to work perfectly as is said. It is a good feature.

    Is this sniffer a feature of outlook or exchange ?

    I recently moved to Mac and use entourage 2008 on it to access exchange2003 mails. I recently noticed that the invites are not blocked in my calender as tentative as used to happen in outlook 2007. I have to accept that invite to make it appearin my calender. I guess it used to work as with outlook 2007 before but never noticed.
    Is the sniffer not avaiable in MAC version of outlook ? Or am i missing any setting or update or something of that sorts.
    can anyone help in this or direct to a link...I searched the net for some more information on this but in vain.

    Thanks in advance for the help.


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    Re: Calender Sniffer not working in entourage 2008 (office mac 200


    Found that entourage with exchange 2003 does not support tentatively adding events to calender.
    its only supported when entourage connects exchange 2007.

    Thanks you