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Exchange FE with Novell Client installed.

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  • Exchange FE with Novell Client installed.

    Ok, I have another issue today. I tried to remove Novell Client off my Exchange FE and the uninstall did not work correctly. At this point I cannot access the FE because the workstation is locked. When I try to unlock it the screen flashes and I can't get to the login prompt. With that said, how can I shut down the FE properly? I am thinking I can issue a shut down command from a different machine. Once the FE shuts down I assume I can boot the server and enter safe mode. Once in safe mode I can remove the client manually. Once it is removed I should be able to boot the machien back up. If I can't issue a shut down command using pstools or the windows shutown command, I assume I will have to take it down the hard way. Any suggestions on there?

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    Re: Exchange FE with Novell Client installed.

    In order to shut down remotely the RPC service has to be accessible on the FE server from the remote server but with your flaky network problem it might not be. I say give it a try and if all else fails then physically power it down. It's not the best option but I have yet to see a server that crashed because of a hard shutdown.