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can receive but not send mail

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  • can receive but not send mail

    Hi i am new to this so i appreciate your patience. I am running Exchange 2003 SP1 on a Windows 2003 SP1 server. I had my web hosting company set up the mx record so that my mail comes to my exchange server, this is working fine. But when i try to send mail to any adress other than ( my ISP provider), it just sits in the queue until it times out. I think that my DNS srver is OK because all the workstations get their DNS info from the DNS server and i have no problem with web access. I am running McAffee 8.0 Enterprise but have turned it on and on with no effect, so i dont think it is the problem. I have included a screenshot of the System Manager queue in hopes that it will help. Thanks in advance for any ideas for the newbee.

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    dont know why the picture of the screen didnt post, sorry


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      Seems that you have not well configured your smtp.
      Can you confirm that?!
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        I have tried it with and without an Smtp connector,with and without using a reference to an external DNS server,tried to relay off of bellsouths mail server. Depending on who you read you may or may not need a SMTP connector or an external DNS server. Seems to be varying opinions on these points. Tried the smtpdiag tool, evrything is fine until it tries the last step and sends the mail then i get a error that says i cant connect to bellsouths server error 10053 , failed to submit mail to which is strange because i can send mail with my exchange server to adress but no other. get the same results if i use other e-mail domains for adress useing the smtpdiag test. I can send mail with other mail programs through the firewall on the router so i dont think that their is a problem there.Thanks for any help you can give me


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          Not able to send or receive email exchange 2003

          Hi All,

          I'm in serious trouble, i could not able to send or receive email in my exchange 2003 running on windows 2000. When i checked my services everything is fine. Also i check event viewer no specific error message about it.

          I checked using and it says Could not connect: Connection closed before I received all my data]

          Could anyone help me to solve the problem please!



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            Cmitoo- Please post a new thread for a new issue.

            It sounds like you have lost your router port forwarding. Try basic network troubleshooting first.


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              Thanks for all the replies, it was something as simple as bellsouth blocking port 25.


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                DaveC, thanks for posting back what was causing your problem. It is appreciated.
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