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Restore Exchange 2003 Cluster 4 node cluster

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  • Restore Exchange 2003 Cluster 4 node cluster

    Hello everyone

    I need your expertise. I have a Disaster Recover Project to restore a 4 node cluster with different name servers both fisical and virtual.

    I know that i have a problem like Outlook version on the client machines. My clients run Outlook 2000 version.

    My client goal is to recover the exchange solution with restore from exchange databases, the domain controller for supporting this solution is one from production environment.

    I need to fullfill these goals

    - Recover the solution with different fisical and virtual names
    - Recover exchange empty mailboxes
    - Recover exchange databases and merge the messages using recovery center.

    The last 2 itīs possible but the first one i have my doubtīs

    Can you guys help me with some directions so that i can achieve my goal.

    Thanks to all in advance