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Can't send out email

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  • Can't send out email

    Hi, Start from this morning all the email couldn't send out and all the email are in Queue folder.

    I've check the SMTP and POP3 , all are working and already restarted the server also. but still in the Queue folder. what might be the problem ?

    But I could receive from all external email such as yahoo, hotmail, gmail. only cant send out.

    pls kindly help..


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    Re: Can't send out email

    is your queue paused or frozen ? are there any entries in the event log ?
    are you using a smarthost ?
    Does the queues window tell you what the error is ?
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      Re: Can't send out email

      I am not using smarthost. event viewer also looks fine. it is SMTP problem or POP3 problem? thanks


      ok. the latest info is, I can received from hotmail after 2 hours sent out. still got a lot mail are in the Queue folder, how can I trace that problem?

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        Re: Can't send out email

        Hi thanks for your all reply, the problem was solved and can close the thread now.

        It was my router bandwidth limit issue.