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Relay not permitted

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  • Relay not permitted

    Exchange2003 , some of the users when send external e-mail gets this error

    1.There was a SMTP communication problem with the recipients email server,please contact ur sys admin < 5.5.0 smtp;550 relay not permitted>

    2> same as 1 and X.X.X.X is currently not permitted / X.X.X.X:28345 is currently not permitted to relay.

    Our server is not blacklisted and i am sure we are not blocked by other domains.
    Please help

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    Re: Relay not permitted

    Is the IP address listed yours? It could be an internal blacklist.
    If it is only happening to some domains then it could be that they have been misconfigured.

    You need to see if there is a pattern.

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      Re: Relay not permitted

      Thank you for reply. Its very strange and i found out its the workstation which is causing this problem. If user send e-mail via OWA it works fine but when using outlook it gives error for some of domains "relay not permitted".
      I have uninstall and reinstall outlook but no luck.
      I will update thread if i found anything ....if you know quick fix please let me know


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        Re: Relay not permitted

        Seems like few of computer in network have this problem. Those users can't send e-mail to random users


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          Re: Relay not permitted

          Found out that even replacing workstation didn't work. Any help will be appriciated


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            Re: Relay not permitted

            Do the affected users use Outlook in Exchange mode or do they use Outlook in POP or IMAP modes to connect to Exchange?