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Problem with OMA

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  • Problem with OMA

    I had just installed Windows 2003 and Exchange 2003 on my server but I can't get OMA to run. OWA runs without any problems. I've installed SP1 for both and all the necessary updates as recommended. Attached is the error that I'm getting. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I assume that your mobile services are on globally.

    Are you using Form Based Authentication? That will interfere, lord know I am dealing with that now.


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      Yes, my mobile services are on globally. I am totally lost on how to make this work...I get the error when I logon locally from the web server machine, but remotely, I am getting an error and asking me to change the following configuration in my web.config file:

      <!-- Web.Config Configuration File -->

      <customErrors mode="Off"/>

      I did that, but I'm still unable to access OMA. I would hate to uninstall and reinstall Exchange at this point. I've got all the mailboxes already configured.

      Thanks for any help you can share.



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        know the pain

        I finally got OMA working on the backend server but still have a problem on the front end box.

        If you only have a back end go to Protocols and go to the properties of the Exchange Virtual server and then click on settings.

        If outlook web access has "enable forms based authentication" check your problem is there. There are work arounds and I am going through the pain of dealing with that myself.