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Enabling POP3 for a Single User

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  • Enabling POP3 for a Single User

    in our organizition we work with windows server 2003 with exchange mail.
    we have an internal mail for all the user.
    one user of the company want also access to the private email like 014 or 013 or 012, he can get in to the web of isp provider and see is mail.
    the user want to open the outlook program not web site and that they will have an option to choose 2 account . to see his internal email or to see the pop3 account . how can i do that or enable the pop 3 only for him ?
    thank you very much shai.

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    Re: Enabling POP3 for a Single User

    I think i'm sort of understanding what you are saying.

    You have an internal microsoft Exchange server.
    the user wants to be able to download his pop3 email into the outlook client.

    Am i correct ?

    If so, yes, you can do it. However - if one of our staff asked, I'd say they are quite welcome to do it, we do nothing to prevent it, but because it's not their work email account, i won't help them.

    however - if you want to, you need to go tools > account settings > add account
    then add a new account, and use the pop3 settings and configure it manually with the appropriate servers and account details.

    If you need more information than this, you should be able to find plenty of guides online about how to set up outlook as a pop3 client.

    HOWEVER - you should cnsider the fact that you are opening your network and making it an email end point while having no control over the security of the emails.
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