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Exchange 2k3 - BP tool - DC/GC query

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  • Exchange 2k3 - BP tool - DC/GC query

    To give a little background on the environment -
    we have a win2k3 domain, & 1 exchange 2k3 server as a member server.
    (2) Win2k3 domain controllers onsite and 1 win2k3 domain controller in an offsite location (diaster recovery site - so nobody uses any servers in that location) that can be accessed through a vpn connection. All DC's are global catalogs.

    I occasionally run the best practice tool on our exchange 2003 server and it always complains about the millisecond time it takes to access our domain controller in our offsite location. I would expect that it does this because of going through our vpn connection. Is there any way I can tell exchange not to look for the DC that is offsite and only query the 2 local DC's? I've tried turning off the GC option on that server to see if that would change anything, but it has not so i'm not sure what else i can do


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    Re: Exchange 2k3 - BP tool - DC/GC query

    It's just a line item in a report, I wouldn't worry too much about it, Exchange will always use the local DC/GC unless they aren't available and in that case you will want your remote servers to be available.


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      Re: Exchange 2k3 - BP tool - DC/GC query

      Right but i think that might be causing a pop up on my outlook when it the server is busy it will display one of my domain controllers which is not the exchange server. It wont show the DC that is offsite, only the 2 local DC's. both DC's are not overloaded. (primary is an hp proliant dl380 w/ 4GB ram) but the 2nd DC is an hold hp netserver w/ 2GB ram , and has nothing else on but win2k3, and a dc/gc.


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        Re: Exchange 2k3 - BP tool - DC/GC query

        You say it doens't mention the remote DC in the popup, only the local so I don't understand your original question.

        Anyway, these popup are almost always tied back to disk latency.

        Easiest fix is to just switch the user to cached mode otherwise use extra to help you troublshoot the issue.