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  • Relay help

    New Exchange 2004R2 on W2003R2 Can not receive Email unless Relay is enabled.??? Please help....

    A new test environment is used...

    Fresh installed active directory domain server (W2003R2)
    Active directory, DNS, updates

    Fresh installed exchange server w2003R2 + EXCHANGE + EXCHANGE-SP2

    Servers up and running no errors
    (iis, ASP, NNP, SMTP, forestprep, domain prep, setup, update etc)
    all nice and shiny

    internet domain :
    forward router x.x.x.x port 25
    forward firewall x.x.x.x port 25
    forward exchange x.x.x.x port 25
    Create smtp connector on exchange

    Test connection: telnet 25
    get proper responce, send hello : ok

    I can send email, but i can not recieve email unless
    I enable relay on the default smtp virtual server

    (this is not recommended and will cause spammers to abuse my server)

    Does anyone recognize this situation,
    Did I forgot something to enable?

    Is it a bug on the virtual server in w2003R2 + Exchange 2004

    I have 2 working servers, both installed on w2k (without R2) working normal.

    Please help, I already reinstalled the servers 3 times....
    and can not find anything wrong
    Last edited by pietervanooijen; 12th March 2009, 21:52. Reason: e2k4 on w2k3R2 No receive unless Relay is enabled

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    Re: Relay help

    Did you add the domain to recipient policies?

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      Re: Relay help: THANKS....

      IOY1 THANK You,
      You made my Day.....

      Pieter van Ooijen