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    I'm not sure where or even how to answer this question, but let me explain the set up we have.

    We are a non-profit organization that has a google apps for education account. We set up our MX records to ensure that our messages get delivered into the gmail inboxes. However, since we still use exchange as our server, we set it up so that all emails that get delivered into our gmail inboxes (ie. [email protected]) they get automatically forwarded to ([email protected]) which is our exchange server.

    All emails we send internally, however ([email protected]) doesn't leave the exchange server at all, and just gets delivered directly into the exchange mailbox. Is there any way to force the email to go OUT of the server, and get delivered into the gmail inbox instead of bypassing the exchange server (it thinks it is the recipient when in fact it is the recipient for

    Thank you,

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    Re: GMail Apps and Exchange

    a. why would you setup a mx record for gmail delivery? and where is it pointing to, the gmail server your exchange server?

    In anycase you don't own gmail so delete what ever mx record you created.
    The only mx record you need to create is in your external (public) DNS that maps your incoming SMTP servers ip for so that the rest of the world can find your domain when sending email to it.

    b. wouldn't you end up having the message delivered to exchange anyway since the mail sent to gmail will be forwarded back to exchange?