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Enable RPC Https on svr already running OWA & Active sync SSL

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  • Enable RPC Https on svr already running OWA & Active sync SSL

    OK, we have a single Exch 2003 Server all service packs and patches installed. This server is configured to do everything. No frontend back end stuff, no ISA server.. This single server handles all the mailboxes and is configured to handle all the windows mobile phones and OWA by use of an public digital certificate over SSL connection. Everything works great.

    Problem is we tried to implement Acronis Recovery for Exchange and it has this STUPID requirement that you can NOT restore emails unless the server has rpc over https installed and configured. (I won't even get into my long rant as to why a locally installed and running backup service requires rpc over https to do restores yet doesn't to do backups) This site has an excellent article on how to install and implement on a single server.. see link below

    BUT!! This article makes no mention of what the impact is if you already have OWA and exchange active sync implemented on the same server.. Those processes respond to the ssl 443 port that RPC over Htpps seem to want to take over..

    I need to know what the consequences are going to be if I install this service.
    I have two problems.. 1st this is a fully patched windows 2003 SP2 server and Rpc over https is not even installed.. If I install it what are the issues around that.. Will I have to run win2003 SP2 all over again and if I do that on a server that is already patch with all patches POST sp2 then what are the issues with that??

    Second is if I implement rpc over https per that great article linked above what is that going to do to my current exchange configuration on this server? This is totally NOT worth it if it's going to break our mobile phone Sync connection!!

    Any one have some experience at this that would like to weigh in and give me some guidance?

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    Re: Enable RPC Https on svr already running OWA & Active sync SSL

    RPC over HTTP(s), OWA and ActiveSync are all designed to co-exist. The only issue I know of is related to ISA Server, and even then you need to have Forms Based Authentication enabled on OWA for it to become an issue. I've set it up for a few customers who also run ActiveSync and OWA with no impact to existing functionality.
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      Re: Enable RPC Https on svr already running OWA & Active sync SSL

      If you install the RPC Proxy component then it may well prompt you for an SP2 CD. The best thing to do is create a slipstreamed installation point for Windows 2003 which contains the service pack/s, then when you change any Windows components you point it at that instead of a CD with SP1 or RTM.

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