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Accessing MACs on ExchServer03

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  • Accessing MACs on ExchServer03

    The 3 MACs we have on our server are not viewable on the "computer" list. One of them needs to have the username and password reset and since it's not on the list I don't know how to reset it. Can someone tell me how to reset the username/password on the MAC? Thanks.

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    Re: Accessing MACs on ExchServer03

    I don't understand the question... and I need to ask some of my own to help me.

    1. What "Computer List" are you referring to?
    2. How do "computers" relate to "user passwords"?
    3. How does this relate to Exchange Server 2003?

    If I were hazarding a guess, I would say that the domain user who was accessing his email from a Mac needed his password resetting; in which case you would use "Active Directory Users and Computers" to reset his password.

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      Re: Accessing MACs on ExchServer03

      Good guess, Stonelaughter. I was going to guess that it was Professor Plum, in the study, with a knife.