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    I have OWA set up & working with a self provided SSL Cert. No issues logging in. I am trying to set up Outlook using RPC/HTTP and cannot get the server to connect. When I am on the LAN, I connect using TCP but not RPC (checked using the ctrl/rightclick/connections).

    I can authenticate into all other default websites on IIS6 (Exchweb/Certsrv) but cannot seem to get past the RPC site. When attempting to go to I go directly to the user authentication (certs are installed already-locally) and cannot get past it using the standard domain\username.

    The RPC server/site is set for SSL and basic authentication with the root site set for basic & no SSL.

    Any ideas, this one is about to get me fired!

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    Do you have a front end/back end setup or is this a single Exchange server?
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      See these 2 articles:

      Error 401.3 when configuring RPC over HTTP on Exchange 2003 after installing Windows Server 2003 SP1:

      RPC over HTTP/S Error 401.3 after Windows 2003 SP1:

      Daniel Petri
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        I did get it to work. This is a single server and I did have to edit the registry with ALL of the recommended settings even though I am running Exch 2003 SP1 and checked the Frontend RPC server in Exch Mgr. I reset the IIS RPC & RPC Proxy with Cert to:

        No SSL
        Anon Access
        Basic Access
        Domain & Realm= "\" (default when using forms based auth)

        Then I logged in and verified HTTPS connectivity was OK. I then started adding things back. What I ended up with is the following:

        Server Configuration which works:

        SSL enabled on both RPC websites
        Authentication on both RPC websites: Anon & Basic
        Domain & Realm: "\" (default when using forms based auth- MS Recommended)

        Outlook Configuration:

        Rpc over HTTP
        FQDN of mail server
        No 'Mutually Authenticate proxy server'
        Basic Authentication

        It seems to be working but I am concerned about the Anon access. I will have to figure out what security risk this is.


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          I spoke too soon, no joy!

          I attempted to configure another workstation (remote) and could not get it to authenticate. I am assuming that when I was VPN'ed into the network with the original workstation I get authenticated and then was able to connect- just guessing.

          But, here is a tidbit- When using the 'check connection' of Outlook, the Directories try to connect but a quick flash under the "Type" heading says it is "redirection".

          I do have a default page in the web to redirect the '' FQDN to the /exchange folder and also have Forms based turned on.

          Any ideas would be helpful.

          Pete C