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Exchagne OWA Relate Problem

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  • Exchagne OWA Relate Problem

    hello everyone

    i am creating a lab for exchange server 2003 lab contain 3 PC

    Domain controller
    Exchange Server 2003
    Client pc

    i configure ssl on exchange and successfully configure OWA i am access mail my typing or http://mail/exchange that works fine
    but when i type this is not working give me iis error page

    i want to configure and thats not working on internal lan
    when i put now OWA works.

    how i configure any solution.

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    Re: Exchagne OWA Relate Problem

    You have to make OWA the default web site. On the properties pages of the Default Web Site select the Home Directory tab, then select the third radio button (A redirection to a URL), then type /exchange in the "Redirect to:" text field, then select the second check box (a directory below URL entered). That should allow you to go directly to OWA when you type or in your browser.


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      Re: Exchagne OWA Relate Problem

      I must say, thank you. This was the best advise I got. I had the same problem. Asked many people even exchange trainers. They got close, but never this easy and understandable.

      Well done.


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        Re: Exchagne OWA Relate Problem

        Thanks Very Much good job.


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          Re: Exchagne OWA Relate Problem

          Glad to help.