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  • exchange-web problem

    Hi there all,

    i've encountered a very weird thing here.

    Thing is, if I access the outlook mailbox through
    http://<hostname>/exchange it will come up with the window to ask me a username and password.

    For some reason, when i type:
    http://<ipaddress>/exchange it goes straight in to the administrators mailbox.

    I've also tried it with the https:// protocol (both cases) and when doing that, it will ask me for a username and password in both cases.

    Is there anything set wrong within my IIS, or is there a way to change this?
    And most important of all, is this a known issue or is it just me?

    Thanks for reading and kind regards,

    Jorge Valencia

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    Good one,
    I would probably start by checking my Exchange settings in AD and verify the users are set for OWA access. Just a thought.


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      I am presuming that the machine hosting exchange is multihomed with one connection the the internet ??

      I would say that it's a client setting in IE with the local intranet auto logon, if you goto IP address i am presuming that you go to the internal address ?

      What IP address do you get is you ping the server by the name you are using in the URL ? If you are using an internal proxy find this address from there also.

      * Shamelessly mentioning "Don't forget to add reputation!"


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        I did get it to work, I reset the IIS RPC & RPC Proxy with Cert to:

        No SSL
        Anon Access
        Basic Access
        Domain & Realm= "\" (default when using forms based auth)

        Then I logged in and verified HTTPS connectivity was OK. I then started adding things back. What I ended up with is the following:

        Server Configuration which works:

        SSL enabled on both RPC websites
        Authentication on both RPC websites: Anon & Basic
        Domain & Realm: "\" (default)

        Outlook Configuration:

        Rpc over HTTP
        FQDN of mail server
        No 'Mutually Authenticate proxy server'
        Basic Authentication

        It seems to be working but I am concerned about the Anon access. I will have to figure out what security risk this is.


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          Sorry about the prior posting- I didn't realize I was in another post!