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Removing Permissions

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  • Removing Permissions

    I'm getting ready to start an Exch2K3 to Exch2K7 migration.
    Before I start, of course I want to clean up as much of the crap that I know exists in the current setup (Poor knowledge of Blackberry by previous administrators).

    Anyway, I have moved the BES Server off of the existing Exch2K3 Server and have set correct security for a BESAdmin account - No longer using the old NT Domain Admin that they were using prior to my starting here.

    So now I am trying to remove all of that old crap out of the current Exchange System (Exchange 2003 on Windows Server 2003 in a 2003 Active Directory). The problem I am having is when I go and check the security for say the 'Recipients>All Address Lists' it shows accounts I do not want there; however, they are being propagated there via inheritance. Going to the Advanced section of the security it simply states inheritance is from 'parent folder'. Now, when I go to the parent folder, there is no option to set permissions (no security tab) within ESM and the permissions are not coming from the Organization level that I can tell.

    Does anyone know how I can find out were the permissions are coming from?

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    Re: Removing Permissions

    I got it...Forgot about ADSIEDIT


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      Re: Removing Permissions

      The permissions will come from AD.

      It AD Users and Computers.

      Go to View, Advanced Properties (something similar to that)

      A security tab will then appear in the Properties of objects.