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Sharing Domain with a Non Exchange Server

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  • Sharing Domain with a Non Exchange Server

    Hi all new to exchange so forgive me.
    we have added exchange server to our lineup and have discovered a rather large problem.
    most users mail is housed on a unix pop server, some users in any given tld now have an exchange account and there mail is now forwarded to the exchange server. they can send and recieve mail just fine with one exeception. they cant send mail to users still on the pop server that are in there own tld name. the exchange server is set to forward mail to a smart host. any ideas?

    i should also mention the error message
    The e-mail account does not exist at the organization this message was sent to
    this came from system administrator.
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    Re: routing issue i think??

    Could you re-title this in line with the forum rules please?

    In regards to your question, this maybe?

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      Re: routing issue i think??

      Sorry about the title i will do better next time. i dont see how to change it now or i would have.

      let you know how i made out with those links.


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        Re: Sharing Domain with a Non Exchange Server

        Question title changed.

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          Re: Sharing Domain with a Non Exchange Server

          Set your recipient policy to not be authoritative for the shared domain and then create an SMTP connector with an address space matching the domain name.

          This way when exchange can't locate the recipient on the exchange side it will send the message over the connector to the UNIX box.

          BTW - remove your smarthost, need more info google shared name space in Exchange