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Best way to SSL windows mobile access

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  • Best way to SSL windows mobile access

    Hi guys, i've been tasked with putting SSL in place on our Exchange 2003 server (actually 2, in a cluster) so that the increasing number of mobile phones we have are using https when using 'direct push' to receive emails.

    Under IIS, which site/component is it that I need to put the certificate on? I'm pretty familiar with doing this as I've done it for other websites and our Citrix Gateway server, but in Exchange - I'm not so sure.

    The other issue is that under IIS, on the default website, or the Exchange Virtual Server site, under the Directory Security tab, all the Server Certificate options are grayed out.

    How can I enable this, and which site under Exchange Virtual Server handles windows mobile devices?

    Under Exchange Virtual Server the following sites are listed;


    The Directory Security > Server Certificate options for all of these are grayed out.

    All advice greatly appreciated

    Many thanks in advance, Shane.

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    Re: Best way to SSL windows mobile access

    Is this what your looking for?

    Do your mobiles use the above? It may be that you use external OWA access by the sounds of it since you mention https

    After carrying out the above, the generated file can then be submitted to a 3rd Party SSL certificate provider along with the external https address you will be using with the Certificate.


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      Re: Best way to SSL windows mobile access

      Thanks, but why is all the server certificate stuff grayed out?


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        Re: Best way to SSL windows mobile access

        Not entirely sure with that. So it's greyed out on the IIS sites mentioned as well? What verson of IIS are you using?


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          Re: Best way to SSL windows mobile access

          IIS6 (Server 2003). All our webservers are fine, this is only grayed out on our Exchange server for some reason.


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            Re: Best way to SSL windows mobile access

            The certificate options will be greyed out if you don't have a certificate on the site.
            SSL certificates are applied at a site level, not a directory level.

            Therefore you need to request a commercial certificate for the web site and then apply it to the site. That will give you SSL protection for everything the site hosts.

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