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SSL access to SBS 2003 via dynamic ip

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  • SSL access to SBS 2003 via dynamic ip

    Hello - I have a client running SBS 2003 on a business DSL line with a dynamic IP. I setup a redirect at dyndns that works fine for access but would like to add SSL using a trusted certificate for access by remote users on laptops and smartphones.

    I implemented built-in IIS Certificate authority but the created certificates were still not trusted.

    DYndns does not allow SSL to be added to their redirect URLs so I was going to use another company owed domain name to forward to dyndns to forward to the SBS 2003 server.

    Is it possible to implement SSL to support that type of setup or should I switch the client to a static IP and eliminate the dyndns redirect?


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    Re: SSL access to SBS 2003 via dynamic ip

    By the sounds of it, the issue is due to your self-certified certificate not being trusted on the laptops and smart phones. You could get them to import the certificate in to their local certificate store. That should be possible by clicking on the certificate error once they are at the logon screen.

    Otherwsie, you will be best to give it a static IP.

    Even though your certificate flags up as not trusted, which will happen unless you setup certificate services on your domain and users have domain laptops, or go down the 3rd Party Route, the connection will still be encrypted. Only the certificate on your server can unencrypt it.


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      Re: SSL access to SBS 2003 via dynamic ip

      I would second Virtual's recommendation. A static IP is a sensible investment for an email server. In fact having a dynamic IP is very often a sure fire way to get your server onto RBLs if you aren't using a smarthost for mail delivery.
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        Re: SSL access to SBS 2003 via dynamic ip

        Virtual/cruachan - Appreciate the fast feedback. I ordered the client a static IP and will proceed from there.




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          Re: SSL access to SBS 2003 via dynamic ip

          It can be done with a dynamic IP address.
          You get a dynamic DNS account and setup the host.
          Then you create a new host in your own domain that points to the dynamic DNS host as a CNAME.
          Finally you purchase the certificate for the host in your own domain.

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