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Dynamic IP (outgoing exchange emails)

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  • Dynamic IP (outgoing exchange emails)

    Hi All,

    OK I'm running SBS 2003 .... but this has to do with Exchange 2003.

    We are running a dynamic IP for our Internet and ALL smtp emails are routed via our ISP's own smtp server example, (via smart host settings)

    Reason is that we have a number of domains in this SBS 2003 server. Examples:; and All email & web domains are hosted by a 3rd party hosting provider. All emails POP3 are downloaded via SBS's POP3 Connector.

    SBS 2003 hostname = sgworld.mydomain.local

    All outgoing emails headers are something like this.. <[email protected]>. Of course, spam filters out there may & will think that it is a dud or spam email.

    What is the solution to solve this issue within what I have now? Of course, if there is something else to procure, then do let me know too.


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    Re: Dynamic IP (outgoing exchange emails)

    The first problem is that you haven't setup the server correctly. You need to go through the Configure Email and Internet wizard and set the correct valid primary domain name. That will not be the .local, but one of the .com's.

    Then if you are supporting additional domain names those need to be added to the recipient policy. There are instructions on the main site on how to do that.

    When you run the wizard it will also ask you how you want email delivered. You must select a smart host as you are on a dynamic IP address and enter your ISPs SMTP Server.

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      Re: Dynamic IP (outgoing exchange emails)

      Thanks a lot.... I'll have to take a look at this again.