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    Hello everyone,

    I'm running exchange 2003, I have a global mailbox, all the user in my organization share this mailbox, I have 2 question regarding this shared mailboxes,


    Is there anyway to share Mailboxes using the OWA ?

    Second ......

    most of my user complains that they cannot really know what is new or what is have been processed cause once one user read the mail, it shows read for all of them, so is there anyway to change the MAPI profile for the shared mailboxes to show the user the new messages as unread??

    Thanks, have a good day.

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    Re: Shared Mailboxes

    Do you mean "share Mailboxes using the OWA" or do you mean access shared mailboxes using OWA?
    You can access them by:

    I'm pretty sure mailboxes don't have the option for maintaining per-user read information therefore the answer to the second is no. Public folders do have this option though. You may find them better depending on the rest of your requirements of course.

    Please read this before you post:

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      Re: Shared Mailboxes

      Thanks for you reply, No I mean share the mailboxes for the users so it is gonna be the same way with Oulook but via outlook web access, so the shared mailboxes will also appear as another mailbox when they enter their own credentials, depending on the mailbox rights I granted them, for example I have user X and I granted him the mailbox rights for user Y, I want user X to see the user Y's mailbox when he goes to https://........../exchange, using his own credentials not user Y credential, the way that is stated in the article it works with Exchange 2007 so I can view shared mailboxes, is there anyway like this using exchange 2003.



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        Re: Shared Mailboxes

        Andy's link shows you how to do it in OWA 2003.