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Reinstall ESM Exchange 2003 SP2

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  • Reinstall ESM Exchange 2003 SP2

    I recently had to do a disaster recovery on an Exchange 2003 SP2 server, which was successful. The problem is during that process I failed to install the ESM Exchange System Manager. Now I have an Exchange server with no local ESM installed.

    What is the best way to get the ESM installed and updated to SP2?

    I have looked at reinstalling from the original CD and hesitate to do this because the server has SP1 and SP2 installed. Server is in production.


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    Re: Reinstall ESM Exchange 2003 SP2

    You are going to have to use the original CD. Reinstalling Exchange 2003 (As in choosing the option reinstall) is fine, it is non-destructive. You will get a lot of error messages about version mismatch, but go past those. Once complete, install the service packs in the same order they were originally installed and then install the post SP2 updates from Microsoft.

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      Re: Reinstall ESM Exchange 2003 SP2

      insert cd, select custom install and pick only the management tools, once installed repeat the same procedure for sp2.