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Forwarding E-mail to Exchange 2003

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  • Forwarding E-mail to Exchange 2003

    Hi All,

    We have multiple mail servers in our domain space, and not all are running Exchange 2003. We have the ability to forward e-mails basing on the users, but it looks like Exchange will only accept e-mail in the [email protected] format instead of [email protected] format, so when the e-mails are forwarded to [email protected], Exchange thinks we are tyring to relay e-mails to user in "" as a domain. It looks like the way to do this is to set up a "sub-domain" for the Exchange to receive in-coming e-mails, but is there a way to tweak the Exchange to accept e-mail in [email protected] format? Any suggestions is appreciated.

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    Of course there is! Create a new Recipient Policy with the right domain name format and configure the LDAP search string to suit your needs.

    See this article for a related axample:

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for the reply. I actually had already done that, and the Exchange is accepting mail for the sub-domain, but our situation is a little bit more complicated, or I'm making it more complicated than it is.

      We have a mail gateway that can forward e-mails basing on the recipient. To forward e-mails to the Exchange using this method, we would need to create a sub-domain. With the UNIX mail servers, if you would forward a e-mail to [email protected] where is the host name of the mail server, not a domain, the server can process the e-mail not thinking that the e-mail is relaying to the address [email protected] (where "" is a domain). I am wondering if there is a setting in Exchange that can accomplish the same, and if there is, then we wouldn't have to create this "sub-domain" just for Exchange.

      Thanks for your help.


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        The only way round it might be to setup an internal DNS zone for and add an MX record pointing to server [x.x.x.x] this way mail will be sent to that server anyway.

        The above all depends on how you have the rest of your network setup etc, as it might cause problems with client resolution for external resources already running on

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          Yeah, this is a little bit disappointed. I was hoping that there is a registry, ADSI Edit thing, or some customize policy that could get this done.


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            Re: Forwarding E-mail to Exchange 2003


            Did you ever get this resolved, I am in the same situation right now. The company I now work for has this and I am moving us to a new Exch cluster and need to et this up but can't find in Exch where they were doing the relaying.