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Exchange OWA 2003 through Sonicwall???

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  • Exchange OWA 2003 through Sonicwall???

    I’ve got a local network with win 2003 ENT and Microsoft exchange 2003
    installed on the same server and a Sonicwall Tz 170 SP firewall with enhanced software my network
    ips starts from and I’ve got a public ip also.
    I want to be able to access my owa from the wan! I tried the firewall public
    server wizard but it was useless I also changed the firewall http\https
    management ports to something else since its using web port 80 but that also
    has done no effect at all on the other hand from the local LAN I can open my
    owa by surfing to:

    also I want to be able to reach my emails through Microsoft outlook as
    pop3/smtp account from the wan !!!! when checking the account settings pop3 goes ok but
    SMTP could not reach the server I tried forwarding the SMTP port 25 on the
    firewall to the mail server but also there was no change .

    If it's possible I want to know the exact steps on the firewall needed for
    achieving all of that!!!!!

    Note: ip addresses obtained from DHCP Server not from the firewall

    Thanks for your support in advance and looking forward to hear from you

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    Re: Exchange OWA 2003 through Sonicwall???

    OWA talks to your Exchange server on ports 80 and 443. So you are part way there - step 1 is to reconfigure Sonicwall so that the web interface is not on ports 80 nor 443, and I see that you have done that.

    Now, add a firewall rule on the Sonicwall to allow traffic in from the WAN interface to the local IP address of the Exchange server, and the rule must be present for both port 80 and for port 443. (2 rules, therefore)

    When you mention POP3, this has nothing whatever to do with OWA and the ports - you may be using POP3 download to fetch emails from a POP3 mailbox into your Exchange server (if you bought a POP3 download component), but your Exchange clients, whether OWA or Outlook, should not have anything to do with POP3 and so that is irrelevant.

    OK now with regard to getting Outlook to work over the Internet, you will need to do RPC over HTTP/S. That is another topic, but is a multi step process which we can help with. However, I urge you to get OWA working first, then we can tackle RPC over HTTPS.
    Best wishes,
    MCP:Server 2003; MCITP:Server 2008; MCTS: SBS2008


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      Re: Exchange OWA 2003 through Sonicwall???

      With the TZ170 using Enhanced OS this is a very simple step. Use the public server wizard to create a rule on the Sonic wall to point 80/443 to your server. The public server wizard will create the nesscesary services and rules on the sonicwall accordingly which is easier than doing it manually. Its is VERY important to note if you have WAN management enabled on your sonic wall the default port is ALWAYS 443 if using SSL. Change the WAN management port to a port of your choice that isnt conflicting or change the port in IIS for OWA. Also i wouldnt advise using POP3 to access your email externally. Exchange supports IMAP which is a better solution and much quicker to configure than RPC/HTTP(S) as the mail remains in your inbox. If you require the full functionality of exchange then RPC over HTTP is another option but the configuration varies depending on your exchange topology and requires a number of entries in the registry.
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