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RPC-HTTPS problems

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  • RPC-HTTPS problems

    About 18 months ago i set up a Win2003 AD domain with 3 Exchange 2003 servers, Lets call them BE1 BE2 and BE3 wanted to allow external users access via RPC-HTTPS so I established a 4th server Called FE1 as a Front End with a SSL Cert and configured the users to log in via SSL using NTLM authentication. every thing worked fine and I could move users from one backend to another and the next time the user logged on they would be refered to the new server and have their configuration changed. now aout 2 months ago i started getting strange problems on BE1 and the decision was made to format and reload. i established a new server (BE4) moved all the mailboxes onto it and as BE1 was the first server in the domain i also went through the process of rehoming RUS and the Free-Busy folders etc. all went well I turned the server off for a week to check and still ok both with local users and those using RPC. i then formated BE1 and reloaded with 2003 SP2, joined to domain ran dcpromo installed Exchange and SP2 and then started to move usrs back. local users could loging ok but remote users had their configuration changed to the 'New" BE1' but could not connect. this tells me that they are being refered to the new server but are unable to establish RPC comms to it. moving their mailbox back to BE4 and then manually recoonfiguring the outlook client solves the problem but i really need to figure out what could be causing just the one server to refuse connection