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Need to migrate mailbox contents from Exch2K - Exch2K3 Inter

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  • Need to migrate mailbox contents from Exch2K - Exch2K3 Inter


    I was wondering if someone could help me out on how I can accomplish the following:

    We have a mixed mode Exchange 5.5/Exchange 2003 Organization. We recently acquired another company who has their own Exch2K Org. These 200 users needed to use our domain immediately, so the following was done a few weeks back:

    User accounts were created for all 200 users in our single W2K AD Domain
    Mailboxes were created on our Exchange 5.5 Server (we just introduced Exch2K3 last week). Because none of the incoming mail for email addressed to our domain would stay in the mailbox (it was being forwarded), a Primary NT Account was not specified for each user. Instead, a generic user account was stamped as primary for all 200 mailboxes.

    The users presently log into our AD fine, but their MAPI profile still points back to the source Exch2K server at which time they get prompted again for credentials.

    I need to use the Exchange Migration Wizard to move the mailbox contents from the E2K Server to the final destination. Here is the catch. Those 200 mailboxes are on a 5.5 server in a different site on a server in which all mailboxes will be migrated to a newly deployed Exch2K3 Cluster.

    My goal is to retire their Exchange 2000 Org/Server, move all the mailbox contents into our Org.

    Any thoughts?