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Multipe Exchange Servers one Public Folder Store

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  • Multipe Exchange Servers one Public Folder Store


    I am new to this site and have attempted a thorough search for my unique issue and have not come up with anything that helps so far. We have multiple Exchange 2003 SP2 servers in our domain. What we want to do is force any user who wishes to create public folders, to be routed to one main exchange server, regardless of which server the user's profile is assigned to. I know this is possible, but I just can't find out how. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Multiple Exchange Servers one Public Folder Store

    Possible, yes. Recommended, no.

    You would need to have a dedicated public folder server. Then ensure that all content - public and system folders is replicated to that server. Then change the configuration on all mailbox stores to use that public folder store instead of the local one.
    The public folder server would need to have very fast storage and good connectivity to all of the other servers. If there is not at least 100mb between all of them and the users (ie there is a WAN) then I wouldn't recommend that you do it, as the performance hit will be significant.

    One has to ask, why do you want to do this? If you have a problem with public folder creation then take away the permissions to do so from the users and make them request a new public folder so that replication etc can be configured correctly.

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      Re: Multipe Exchange Servers one Public Folder Store

      just bring up the properties tab of any mailbox store and on the general tab point the default public folder store to the public folder store you want your user to be pointed @.


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        Re: Multipe Exchange Servers one Public Folder Store

        Thank you guys!

        We don't have a problem with public folder creation per say, pretty much everyone in the domain has access to create public folders... Presently, the users are creating folders on the exchange box they are assigned to, those folders are then replicated to 2 other servers. We just want to have greater centralized management of all folders. We have recently migrated from a very decentralized environment. Essentially, we had separate exchange boxes in most of our branches. We now have only a hand full, and are trying to further centralize the remaining functionality before we migrate to exchange 2007.